Thursday Confessional

Thoughts on Thursday:

1. When I go upstairs to do the bath and bedtime routine with Megan and Tyler and I walk into my room and see that the bed has been made my mood immediately lifts. I love a made bed.
2. I always think that I love sushi, but then I buy it and it gives me heartburn. Why do I keep buying it?
3. In second grade I was 5 foot 2 inches and wore a size 7 shoe. Now I am 5 foot 11 inches and wear a size 10 or 11 shoe. I love being tall and I hope Megan will too (since she is three and wears a 6x and has size 11 feet she is going to have to embrace it!)
4. My mother in law is a blessing. I am so lucky to have a MIL that not only loves me like a daughter, but loves and cares for my kids on the daily. She is awesome and I enjoy her company immensely. She deserves a post all of her own.
5. Swimming is one of my favorite sports but I never go except in the summer. I love to swim but I hate to dry off and put on clothes afterwards (especially in the cold).
6. I love doing laundry. Especially sheets and towels.
7. I can’t believe my dad is dead. Two and a half years later, I still cannot get over it. Today when I was packing my gym bag I almost starting sobbing for no reason except that I missed him.
8. Facebook is so strange to me. I like looking at it, but I never know what status to write. I get anxious about “liking” something or writing a comment. This = I am insane.
9. I tried the Kroger “Simple Truths” energy/protein bar (chocolate fudge brownie) last night and it was so delicious! I am looking for more foods that are high in protein and taste good and this fit the bill!
10. This is the longest four day week in the history of the world. Hello, long, cold winters. I hate you!

For your viewing pleasure:

20130124-184024.jpghis favorite place to hang


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