Recharged for the Week

20130128-181430.jpg my little Buzz and Sofia. die.

The weekend was everything I needed it to be…full of lots of family time, new pajamas, and laughter, a ton of laughter, and even a family nap on Saturday afternoon. We did so little but so much in two days.

The highlight of the weekend was our trip to the bounce house to celebrate Megan’s “poop in the pants-free” week! Oh that little angel has been pooping on the potty like a champ. It is hard work! Funny thing is, she had an accident at the bounce house. Such is life…I was not mad at her; I know it was truly an accident because she was just so darn excited about being there. Tyler was his usual skeptical self. He only would go in if one of us was with him. So, yours truly spend a good amount of time bouncing! I had fun. Shawn even got in on the action and went up and down the slide for Tyler!

Sunday was a great day as well. It started at Cracker Barrel where I ate an 1100 calorie breakfast (whoa, those calories start to add up when you are not watching!) Then, we spent a lot of time going from store to store trying to find great birthday presents for our little guy. We ended up getting him many Buzz shirts and a couple of little toys. At the end of the day we had to put a little perspective into our search…Ty is the happiest kid we know, so if he only got Buzz clothes and no toys he would be just as thrilled. I cannot believe his party is next weekend!!! So much to do, so little time!!! I must get to Party City this week!!!!

We ended our weekend at Shawn’s parents’ house. We used to do Sunday dinner there almost weekly. I was just saying how much I missed that tradition. Sue is an amazing cook, so anything she makes is a treat. I also loved the family bonding time just sitting around talking and relaxing. Hopefully the tradition will continue!

Remember how I lost my iPhone last week? No, I did not find it (wishful thinking). But, Shawn’s phone fell to the floor yesterday and cracked in a million pieces. When it rains, it pours.

This week is Catholic Schools Week and that deserves a post all of its own. I will say that I thought about how to make it special for my students this week and I have come up with some cool stuff. Lots of busy this week, but I like it that way!


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