So, I am at camp. It is rainy and snowy, and wet and muddy ( oh, the mud!), but so much fun. I am having a blast and hiking a million miles in the elements which is ironically refreshing and exhausting at the same time. I love my cabin…they make me feel young!!! And, I love watching the kids play GaGa. Once I am home and can find the link I will. It is a super fast super fun game that everyone can be invoked in. Heaven for a teacher, I tell you. I will leave you with a picture that does not do it justice.

Weight Wednesday

Week #7 Stats:
Pounds Lost: 1
Total Loss: 8
Pounds away from Goal: 52

I will take a one pound loss. After losing seven last week I knew my body would only let go of a little this week. When I was losing weight before my body fell into a pattern of big loss, little loss, little loss, big loss and I am comfortable with that.

Today I am heading off to camp with my seventh grade class. This is my favorite time of the year. I love going hiking and hanging out with the kids in a non classroom setting. I am looking forward to a few days away. I am not looking forward to the rain, but I am optimistic that it will be damp but not raining the while time.

I am a little worried about my dieting over the next few days. While I will be doing a ton of hiking and activities, I will not be eating pre-packaged foods and it might be an issue for me. I am going to try and stick with the salad bar and fresh veggies. Wish me luck!

This is life, though, so I am going to have to life it in the most healthy, responsible way I can.

Anyone else having a crazy week? Care to join me on my journey? I mean, not at camp but in life!

Let’s Eat!

Because I have been on my “plan” for a week and a half, I am now an expert. I thought I would share with you some off favorite discoveries on my journey. Here they are in pictures:











Everything is better with a can of green beans or some fresh sautéed veggies thrown in there for bulk and nutrients. As I have said before, I am not feeling deprived, but I do eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables along with a couple of snacks each day. My favorite snacks are Full Bars, a bag of veggie straws, and Slim Fast peanut butter bars. Oh, and I start dinner every night with a huge salad packed with lots of yummy (measured) items.

Saturday Fun!

It has been a great weekend. It started Friday morning with a 90 minute delay! I wish it was a snow day, but I will take an extra hour of sleep any day. This was the end of the trimester for our school so the week was nuts…so much grading, so many report card comments, so much late work from students…but I made it and I feel good about how everything ended. Two-thirds of the school year down, one to go! This is the time of year when am always itching for the end to come. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job so much; part of the reason I love my job is the sweet summer break! Ian looking forward to sleeping in, pool time, and more time to just hang with M & T.

Speaking of summer break, we just booked our family vacation. To DISNEY WORLD!!!!! This will be a real full circle moment for me because I have so many fond memories of going to Disney with my family as a kid. We went, a lot and every memory is precious to me. I cannot wait to see Megan and Tyler’s reaction to EVERYTHING!!! It will also be a little bitter sweet for me because I always envisioned my dad being with us with his grandchildren the first time we went to Disney. But, Shawn has already made the planning so special and I know it is going to be just a wonderful time for the four of us. Sometimes just being with the nuclear family is better than anything…we can do what we want when we want and not have to worry about anyone else.

While Shawn was working with the travel agent I took the kids next door for their first ice cream of the season. They loved it.


I had a non scale victory by not ordering and eating the Peanut Buster Parfait. Will power for the win!

If that wasn’t exciting enough we headed over to this awesome new indoor playground. I have never seen anything like it…it had about 10 large play sets, five trampolines, a basketball court with about 10 baskets and a bunch of Step 2 toys. It was a blast. No pictures of Megan could be taken because she was running from activity to activity so fast that everything was blurry, but I did get a couple of priceless pictures of Tyler. That kid has a grip, I tell ya!


The greatest part of the playground was how tired the kids were after. Can we say 7:00 bedtime and asleep at 7:05? Love it.

Shawn and I watched Argo last night. Not sure how I feel about it (I fell asleep during part of it). I didn’t think it was Ben Affleck’s best performance. I was just meh about the whole thing.

Today is church, taxes,and relaxing and I am looking forward to it. Oscars tonight. I might dress up.

Did anyone else have a wild and crazy Saturday (oh, how my life has changed in three years!)

Weighty Wednesday

Week #6 Stats:
Pounds Lost: 1
Total Loss: 7
Pounds away from Goal: 53

One pound does not seem like a lot…but last week I was back up to my original starting point, so I am actually down 7 POUNDS from last week. Can I get a WhatWhat? To say I am thrilled would be the understatement of the world. My weight has not been this low in more than two years. I have a lot more to go, but this is such a boost for me.

I was starting to lose any hope I had that I would be able to lose weight successfully. I felt like I was doing everything right, but I guess it was an issue of portion control and I needed to get myself in check.

What’s weird is this week has been full of restrictions, but I have not felt deprived. I will explain…I was restricted because I could not eat anything off my plan that was not scanned in and accounted for. I never felt deprived because I packed my day with lots of fresh fruit, even more veggies, and really good pre-packaged meals. After I am a few weeks in I will be giving a full recap of what I have been eating. Just say, though, I have really not had anything that I didn’t like sans one pizza that I will take full credit for it tasting not great – I cooked it and then got distracted and didn’t eat it for. About an hour. My bad.

Overall I feel really healthy. My energy has been great and my work-outs have been sweaty and successful. I don’t know, something just clicked and I can feel the momentum and I like it. Finally, finally a great week and I needed it.

How has your weight loss been? Care to join me on my journey?

What’s Ruder than Rude?

In grade school we used to play a game called, “what’s grosser than gross?” The premise of the game was to basically “one up” your friend on finding the grossest thing imaginable…it usually ended with some sort of maggot reference.

Now that I am an adult and I am much more civilized than my twelve year old ways, I make lists. I keep a mental list of things that I think are “ruder than rude.” Normally I do not speak these out loud but today I am going to. I. Mean, why not? So here is a list (believe me, it is not exhaustive) of things that I think are”ruder than rude.”

1. Talking on your cell phone while walking on the treadmill. Memo: you are not that important and if you were than you would have a home gym and you could talk on your phone all the live long day.

2. People who get in their cars in a very busy parking lot and proceed to take their time to actually start the car and pull out. Seriously, if you see a person turn their blinker on and wait, then you should probably pickup the pace. Just sayin.

3. When someone uses the 15 items or less check out aisle when they have 30 plus items. I can understand 16 even 20 items, but more than that, move on!

4. People who cannot let someone tell a story without butting in and trying to tell their story. If I wanted to hear how your baby had a sleepless night in 1985 than I would have asked you…right now I am telling about my sleepless night. My stories are valid (and sometimes funny) so let me tell them! And then I will listen to your story. It’s called communication.

5. Allallogists. Pronounced all-all-o-gists. My friends and I made this word up a long time ago to explain people who claim to know all about all. Listen, we know you’re smart, we know you have a lot to say, we know you want to be heard…but NO ONE know everything. Rinse and repeat.

I think that isn’t for now. There will be more, I promise! I will leave you on this glorious Monday that feels like a Sunday with a cute pic of the kiddos. They are fun, and not rude.

20130218-181348.jpg Buzz Lightyear

20130218-181423.jpgDr. Megan

Oh, and Happy President’s Day! For the record my favorite president is Lincoln because I just saw his movie. HA,!

Where Did the Weekend Go?

The highlight of our weekend was an awesome birthday party for a pretty cool six year old. The kids gathered at the Olympic Academy for an afternoon of climbing, running, swinging, and zip lining. It was too much fun. The party ended with blue cupcakes and back to the birthday boy’s house for pizza and more playing. It was a perfect day. I know I have said this before but I am so blessed to have wonderful girlfriends and I love when we get together. Now our kids are friends and it just makes our relationship that much sweeter.



Aside from the party, I went shopping with my mom on Saturday and found a few really cute items for the spring. Besides my weight loss goals I also have a couple more things I am working on in 2013…one of them being to sophisticate my wardrobe a bit. I have a lot of nice clothes and I consider myself a pretty classic dresser, but I am trying to put outfits together, add accessories, and wear make up daily. I know for some people that might be an easy, simple thing to do…for me it takes energy and a bit of creativity.

Today has been a little bit of the usual…church, breakfast/lunch, shopping, naps, grocery, laundry…Shawn made pizza for dinner and it was amazing! I love when he cooks, it is a treat.

The best thing about today…I can re-live the calm pace tomorrow…Happy Presidents Day to me!!!! I love three day weekends…almost as much as I love not cooking dinner.

Anyone have a great weekend to share?