Funday Monday

It was a good start to the week. I am in training for the 1 to 1 Tablet PC program that my school is piloting next year. I learned so much today and I am super excited for the opportunity to be able to use this technology in my classroom. And don’t tell my students, but it was kind of nice to be away from them…I think we were getting on each other’s nerves and this is just the break we needed.

After an almost near death experience which involved swerving off the road into a yard and almost hitting a fire hydrant, I made it home in one piece. The snow came it of nowhere today! But, it was just in time for me to get the kids layered up and out of the house for some serious snowed-in fun!


What a way to end the day! It was so snowy, but not so cold which made for great outside play weather. I love days like this where I can just drop everything and be in the moment with my kids.

In other news, my wonderful husband bought me a new iPhone! I guess you don’t know what you miss until it is gone and I was really feeling sad about my phone. I love the new one even more. It feels lighter and I think I just have a greater respect for it. iPhone for the win!

Finally, a rather detailed Buzz Birthday Extravaganza post will be here tomorrow on the actually birthday. My baby is a big boy…but not really! It was a fantastic weekend full of family, friends, and enough presents for 5 kids. Tyler is so loved and I love everyone for loving him. Does that make sense?

Until tomorrow, have a great start to the week!



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