Two for Two

First off, can someone please explain to me how my baby boy turned two? I just cannot believe it has been two years since my life was changed forever in the most perfect way. It feels like yesterday.

When you are a second time mom you are a lot less crazy (in my case anyway). When my water broke my first thought immediately was “do I have time to finish my breakfast?” and then, “can I get home and take a shower real quick?” and then, “I guess I should call the doctor.”
We made it to the hospital in plenty of time, I had a relatively painless birth, and Tyler came into my world sweet and happy…and he has stayed that way for the last twenty-four months.


Tyler was (and still is) a gift. He really was. Everyone who comes in contact with him loves him. He steals hearts like it is his job. Tyler loves to be loved. He came to save me…after my dad died he was the first person to bring my family pure joy and happiness. He brought us all to the light in a very dark time.

I am so proud to call Tyler my son. He has amazing things in store for him. I love that little guy so much. At age two Tyler loves many things: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, his mommy and daddy, his sister, throwing anything kicking the soccer ball, running around, giving kisses, going to the gym, jumping off anything (must be careful, must be careful), chicken nuggets, French fries, green beans, salads, and anything anyone is eating, sleeping, and dressing up.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy, we love you so!

Now for the photo bomb:





Time to unplug and eat cake…I deserve it!


2 thoughts on “Two for Two

  1. Beth WA's mom says:

    He is pure love and what we oldies refer to as “an old soul”! Thank you for including me in on this special day. Your blended families are lovely. It was good to get outside of yourself and enjoy life. Love, Mom Weist

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