Random Thoughts on a Thursday

After being away for three days, it was nice to be back to a normal schedule. I was so sick of sitting! It has been a very quiet, uneventful week at my house. Aside from the big birthday, we have just been status quo, and I like that.

I made another amazing, frozen dinner!

OMG this was divine. So good, in fact, that I had the same dinner two nights in a row.

(Yes, I eat out of Tupperware when I am home alone…don’t judge)

This chicken is fabulous and while I know it has a good deal of sodium and not enough fiber it was worth it (290 calories = not so bad). So worth it that I will not be buying it often for fear I would eat it for dinner every night of the week. In fact, I am sorta glad the temptation is gone now.

I have been eating a ton of veggies. There is something about a salad in the middle of winter that feels hearty to me. I am not sure what it is, but I just love the crispness of the lettuce.

My new wardrobe obsession is accessories. I have been buying cute chunky necklaces on the cheap and wearing them everyday. I feel so much more put together when I have a great accessory. If I was a fashion blogger I would post some pictures, but I am not, so I won’t.

I have a horrible sore on the bottom of my foot. I am not sure if it is a blister, a planters wart, or just something gross, but it is nagging and hurting and annoying. I am treating it, but I fear that If it does not heal itself in another week I might be heading to the doctor…or calling my doctor friend for a diagnosis via FaceTime.

I am embracing Facebook and sort of starting to enjoy it. I know, I am about 7-9 years behind the times.

Sometimes I laugh at inappropriate times, and I do not feel it is a character flaw.

Is it a road to loser-ville when I say I enjoy being in bed by 9:00 every night? I just have a hard time staying awake…and I love my bed.

I just discovered Pandora. Where has that app been all my life? AMAZING.

Finally, I scored two half gallons of milk for thirty five cents a piece this week. You heard me, $.70 for a gallon of milk. What, are we in 1982 this week?
Here’s a picture because I know you don’ t believe me…I wouldn’t.

That’s all. Does anytime have fun plans for the weekend?



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