When the Saints Go Marching In…

Happy Fat Tuesday!

I am not in New Orleans, but I did have a small piece of King Cake for lunch today! 

It should be no surprise to anyone that reads this blog that I am Catholic.  I take my Lenten promises very seriously.  Last year I gave up coffee and it almost killed me.  I love coffee, so it was an easy “vice” to give up for forty days.  I have been thinking for a couple of weeks now what would be something that I could sacrifice this year…it needed to be something drastic but attainable…I just had a hard time coming up with something…then I decided to give up the one thing I love the most…FOOD!!! (but not really)

I have been spinning my wheels in my weight loss journey since seriously changing my lifestyle on January 1st.  I have missed few days of working out, I have been following www.myfitnesspal.com to a tee and the weight it not budging.  I keep looking for an easy solution and I just can’t seem to come up with one.  I read a lot of weight loss blogs and specifically www.jennifromtheblog.com who blogs for Medifast and now www.jennepper.com who just started blogging for Nutrisystem. I do think there is some concrete evidence that dieting on a plan that allows very little “wiggle room” is a good thing; especially when you are beginning a journey to lose a lot of weight.  The problem is I do not have the extra income right now to join either of these plans.

So, I have come up with my own plan…and it ties in with Lent perfectly.  Until Easter I will be creating my own weight loss program based on pre-packaged food I can buy in the grocery store.  I will be eating a prepackage breakfast, lunch, and dinner from one of the “big three” (SmartOnes, Lean Cuisine, or Healthy Choice) during the week.  All snacks will either be from the fruit or vegetable department or a pre-sized portion (think protein bar, pre-packaged pretzels, etc) and salads will be portioned and weighed (dressings included).    I will also drink 80 ounces of water a day.  My calorie goal will remain at 1500 a day.  I am going to focus on 6 meals per day instead of 3…I use the term meal very lightly since some will be more like snacks than meals.

Hopefully I will kick-start my weight loss and I will be able to see a difference on the scale.  I am really doing this because I need to be held accountable for what I am eating and drinking  and writing everything down is not enough…if I cannot scan the food into fitness pal, then I will not be eating it (except fruits and veggies).

I know this may seem drastic, and it is!  But, I also know that this is temporary and I can re-evaluate my strategy at the end of March.  On the weekends I will be watching what I eat, but I am will not hold myself to the pre-packaged meals.  I will aim for the same caloric intake and give myself a little break from the monotony.

I will still exercise and keep moving during this next six weeks.  I will also continue my check-in on Weighty Wednesday.  If I can’t give this “vice” up for the sacrifices that were made for me, I might just be a failure at dieting and Catholicism!

I have to say, I am looking forward to the journey and seeing the results!

Anyone else giving up something significant for Lent?


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