Weighty Wednesday

I gained.
Not a little.
A lot.
I am not even going there…let’s just say that a new scale will be purchased this week. I am pretty sure the one I have has the devil in it. I just have to believe that something is wonky with the scale I am using. I have been doing everything right and the scale has not budged.
I highlighted my new plan in yesterday’s post, so I will not go into too many details about it today. I will tell you that I stocked up yesterday on many new foods and some old stand-bys from the frozen food section. In the coming weeks I will begin to highlight the foods that I loved, the foods that I hated and the foods that I can take or leave.
So far so good.
My plan stopped me from eating hummus and flat pretzels with lunch today. I love those and do not get to eat those often since I do not buy them myself. But, I am on a plan and I am sticking to it.
I am defeated but not dead. It is time to really kick it into high gear. I would love to have twenty pounds off by the end of the school year. I think this is an attainable goal and moving forward to my bigger goal of 60 pounds by the end of the year. Just because I have had horrible results so far I am not going to give in. I am not changing any of the goals that I have set. I know I can do this.


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