A Day for Love

A Day for Love
I have never really gotten on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon which is funny because I generally love all holidays. I guess it is because I spent years single and a little bitter and I never really got into “Hallmark Holidays.” I even looked up St. Valentine this morning and there is almost zero information about him, except that he is a saint which represents love.
This year is different. I don’t know if it is because I spend so much time by myself or the fact that Megan is at such a super-fun age that she loves all things holiday or if I am just changing as I get older…but this year I really got into the spirit of St. Valentine. I remembered a few days ago to purchase cards for the kid’s godmothers and let them decorate before I sent them (on time!); I also sent a nice card to my mom with her favorite chocolate stuffed inside. Last night I made cookies for the neighborhood kids and let Megan and Tyler “write” valentines for them ~ and I popped them into mailboxes this morning. I also took time last night to have the kids color and decorate cards for their daddy so when he came in last night there was a nice surprise for him.
And you know what???? I feel great about it! This might be the best day ever. It was so fun to do little things for so many people. Sometimes I forget how good I feel when I spend just a few minutes being in the moment for other people.
On a side note, Megan started ballet last night. I could not stop taking pictures…it was probably the cutest thing ever! There are only three little girls in the class which makes it that much more adorable. When we Meg kept asking me when we could go back. She said she loved Ms. Jamie (her teacher) and that she loves to be a ballerina. It was worth every penny to see her ear to ear smile! She is growing up and I am not sure I can take it.





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