Where Did the Weekend Go?

The highlight of our weekend was an awesome birthday party for a pretty cool six year old. The kids gathered at the Olympic Academy for an afternoon of climbing, running, swinging, and zip lining. It was too much fun. The party ended with blue cupcakes and back to the birthday boy’s house for pizza and more playing. It was a perfect day. I know I have said this before but I am so blessed to have wonderful girlfriends and I love when we get together. Now our kids are friends and it just makes our relationship that much sweeter.



Aside from the party, I went shopping with my mom on Saturday and found a few really cute items for the spring. Besides my weight loss goals I also have a couple more things I am working on in 2013…one of them being to sophisticate my wardrobe a bit. I have a lot of nice clothes and I consider myself a pretty classic dresser, but I am trying to put outfits together, add accessories, and wear make up daily. I know for some people that might be an easy, simple thing to do…for me it takes energy and a bit of creativity.

Today has been a little bit of the usual…church, breakfast/lunch, shopping, naps, grocery, laundry…Shawn made pizza for dinner and it was amazing! I love when he cooks, it is a treat.

The best thing about today…I can re-live the calm pace tomorrow…Happy Presidents Day to me!!!! I love three day weekends…almost as much as I love not cooking dinner.

Anyone have a great weekend to share?


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