What’s Ruder than Rude?

In grade school we used to play a game called, “what’s grosser than gross?” The premise of the game was to basically “one up” your friend on finding the grossest thing imaginable…it usually ended with some sort of maggot reference.

Now that I am an adult and I am much more civilized than my twelve year old ways, I make lists. I keep a mental list of things that I think are “ruder than rude.” Normally I do not speak these out loud but today I am going to. I. Mean, why not? So here is a list (believe me, it is not exhaustive) of things that I think are”ruder than rude.”

1. Talking on your cell phone while walking on the treadmill. Memo: you are not that important and if you were than you would have a home gym and you could talk on your phone all the live long day.

2. People who get in their cars in a very busy parking lot and proceed to take their time to actually start the car and pull out. Seriously, if you see a person turn their blinker on and wait, then you should probably pickup the pace. Just sayin.

3. When someone uses the 15 items or less check out aisle when they have 30 plus items. I can understand 16 even 20 items, but more than that, move on!

4. People who cannot let someone tell a story without butting in and trying to tell their story. If I wanted to hear how your baby had a sleepless night in 1985 than I would have asked you…right now I am telling about my sleepless night. My stories are valid (and sometimes funny) so let me tell them! And then I will listen to your story. It’s called communication.

5. Allallogists. Pronounced all-all-o-gists. My friends and I made this word up a long time ago to explain people who claim to know all about all. Listen, we know you’re smart, we know you have a lot to say, we know you want to be heard…but NO ONE know everything. Rinse and repeat.

I think that isn’t for now. There will be more, I promise! I will leave you on this glorious Monday that feels like a Sunday with a cute pic of the kiddos. They are fun, and not rude.

20130218-181348.jpg Buzz Lightyear

20130218-181423.jpgDr. Megan

Oh, and Happy President’s Day! For the record my favorite president is Lincoln because I just saw his movie. HA,!


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