Weighty Wednesday

Week #6 Stats:
Pounds Lost: 1
Total Loss: 7
Pounds away from Goal: 53

One pound does not seem like a lot…but last week I was back up to my original starting point, so I am actually down 7 POUNDS from last week. Can I get a WhatWhat? To say I am thrilled would be the understatement of the world. My weight has not been this low in more than two years. I have a lot more to go, but this is such a boost for me.

I was starting to lose any hope I had that I would be able to lose weight successfully. I felt like I was doing everything right, but I guess it was an issue of portion control and I needed to get myself in check.

What’s weird is this week has been full of restrictions, but I have not felt deprived. I will explain…I was restricted because I could not eat anything off my plan that was not scanned in and accounted for. I never felt deprived because I packed my day with lots of fresh fruit, even more veggies, and really good pre-packaged meals. After I am a few weeks in I will be giving a full recap of what I have been eating. Just say, though, I have really not had anything that I didn’t like sans one pizza that I will take full credit for it tasting not great – I cooked it and then got distracted and didn’t eat it for. About an hour. My bad.

Overall I feel really healthy. My energy has been great and my work-outs have been sweaty and successful. I don’t know, something just clicked and I can feel the momentum and I like it. Finally, finally a great week and I needed it.

How has your weight loss been? Care to join me on my journey?


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