So Busy

I seriously cannot find time to blog. I hate when people say they are “so busy” because I just think it is annoying…but I am SO. BUSY. OMG!!!!!!

I feel like I don’t have a moment to do anything during the day or night. I am studying for a big test (more on that when I find time. HA!) and I am working with my students on a two big productions, one which they perform tomorrow. In the evenings I am going to the gym, making dinner, bath time, bedtime, and done…I have no energy for anything else since the time change.

We had a fantastic weekend. It started with the circus and ended with a carnitas burrito from Chipotle. What could be better, really?

I have a few picture from the circus and St. Patrick’s Day events. I have decided that no matter how hard I try I cannot capture the moment to save my life. Oh well, the memory is in my brain and I guess that is all that matters.