Living Life

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out the victims in Boston as well as their friends and family. I am not sure what kind of sick person or organization can arbitrarily kill innocent people. It is horrific. One of my students and her family was there during the attack. They are okay.

So I took the Praxis II Exam for Special Education on Saturday. I have a Master’s Degree in Special Ed and I needed to pass this test as my last step to get my license in Special Education. I have been studying like a crazy person since I signed up to take the test mid-January. I have mixed feelings about the exam. On one hand, I thought I was very well prepared and could really not have done any more to get myself ready for the test; on the other hand, the items I studied and the practice tests I took prior to the actual test were much easier and simpler than the actual test. I am disappointed, but not defeated. I guess I will just see how it goes and if I need to re-take it, then so be it!

I am really not sure what direction having my Special Education License will take me in, but it will be nice to have it under my belt. I have taught at the same school for a long time and I love what I do and I love what I teach, so it is hard to see myself doing anything else or perusing a new career in this season of my life. Thoughts of making more money or working part time spin through my head all the time, but at the end of the day happiness is priceless.

There is so much happening right now in my life but nothing super exciting or blog-worthy. Sometimes I wonder why I even have a blog. My weight loss journey is still a work in progress and with little losses at the scale it seemed silly for me to keep up with Weighty Wednesdays. Maybe I will go back to it, but all I can express is frustration and no one wants to hear that every week.
With the weather getting nicer and nicer we have been spending every waking moment outside. I can already tell this is going to be one of the best summers ever. Megan is finally at an age where she is interacting with the other littles in our neighborhood and I die of cute about every day. Tyler swings a bat like he owns it and played his first game of pick-up baseball in the green space yesterday. My babies are growing up. I always dreamed of living in a place where my kids freely walk into other neighbor’s houses and their kids come into mine and it is finally coming to fruition. I love it. It was how I was raised and every time I watch the kids play it takes me back to a time when life was so simple and friends were people who lived around the block from you and eating a popsicle while hanging out at the playground was the BEST.THING.EVER!

The other day Shawn asked me if I was happier now then when I was single and I can honestly say a resounding “yes!” I loved my early twenties of going out every night, buying new outfits every weekend, and not having a care in the world…but my thirties have been filled with the most amazing gifts and I look forward to every day.

Maybe my weight is not where I need to be, I still stress daily about my BFF’s infertility, I am still morning the loss of my dad, but for the first time in my life I really feel content. I feel like a grown-up.

I might not be blogging a lot these days, but I am living…and life is pretty darn good.

I will leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from the past week.





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