Megan’s Ballet Class is a Joke. Seriously.


Megan takes ballet every Wednesday at the YMCA. Miss Jamie is her teacher. When she first began taking classes in January I thought it was so cute that they spent time reading at the beginning of class, they did a lot of “skipping” around the room, and they played with fabric pieces at the end of class.

Now, I am annoyed by it.

Not that I don’t think Megan should be doing things that are fun and that her new BFF Gina is in the class, but I really wanted her to take the class because it would be structured for her. I thought that half hour would be a good way for her to learn discipline (in a three year old way), how to follow directions, and listening to an adult (that isn’t me).

Excuse me while I step on my soapbox.

I hate that in this growing generation everything has to be fun and exciting and interactive. It is annoying to me that everyone has to win something and get a trophy just because their parents paid the dues. I cannot stand that kids think they deserve to get an “A” just because they grace us with their presence.
It starts before pre-school people…and it is simply a travesty.

Not that I believe I was raised in the most perfect way, but I do know that I was not rewarded for bad behavior. In my dance classes we had to stand in a line and follow the lead of the teacher or we feared not being invited back. I had to try out for sports and there was no “B” team…if we didn’t make the team better luck next year. At school I had a healthy dose of fear of my teachers and was terrified if I did not have an assignment turned in on time. I wanted my parents to be proud of me; I never wanted to be a disappointment.

I do not think three year old ballet is a metaphor for life, but I do find that it would be appropriate for Miss Jamie to correct Megan if she is taking the wrong step. I want Megan to leave class not only loving ballet but also feeling confident in the work she put in during class. And, God forbid, I would like to feel like I am getting my money’s worth and that I am not paying for horseplay. Finally, it would be nice on June 1st if she knew at least one dance move for her recital.

I don’t think I am asking too much.




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