More Random

First off, I found my twenty bucks! It was in the raincoat that I brought to Washington DC and wouldn’t you know that’s put the jacket on and it was found. Super happy about that.

This blogging thing, I am just not sure it is for me. I just don’t feel like I have a ton to say. My life is pretty ordinary, pretty mellow. I am not high drama (in fact, I cannot stand people that are high drama), and my kids are healthy and happy and just playing in the yard. So, I guess I need to write down some topics and start from there. I feel like all I can ever say is I am busy, there is so much to do, blah blah blah. BORING.

It sort of fun, awesome news, only four more days of the school year remain…one more day for the 8th grade. I am always happy and sad this time of year. I will miss my students, but I will be so happy to not have to jump start my day every morning. There is nothing better than hanging out in PJs in the morning, in my opinion.

I am looking forward to trips to the pool daily, visiting with friends and lots of down time. I feel like we need it. Meg and Ty are so tired in the morning. I know they need about an extra hour.

I guess that it it for now. Megan and I are having a girls day while the boys go to the Reds game. So. Much. Fun.

20130525-115521.jpg. this time last year, oh how things have changed!

I Lost $20 and Other Updates

My life has been so crazy lately. I am getting ready to leave on a work trip and I keep thinking to myself, “How do working moms do this on a regular basis?????” I only leave my kids twice a year for work, once to go with the 7th grade to camp for two days and once to go to Washington DC with my 8th grade class for four days. If I had to do this more often I guess I just would, it’s all perspective, I guess.

In the process of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I lost twenty bucks. Anyone who knows me knows that I am so super cheap that this is making me CRAZY! I need to find that money. URGENTLY

Anyway, it has been a struggle trying to get everything accomplished in a matter of 24 hours. I have so many things spinning through my head, so many lists made, so many shopping trips to take…it is overwhelming. When I hope on the plane on Friday I know I am going to be exhausted, but also excited for the opportunity to get the see DC through the eyes of my students. I love this trip. I love our nation’s capital. I am ready to see it again!

On the fitness/weight loss front I cannot even begin to explain how frustrated I am. It has been five long months of dieting and exercising and I have seen very little results. I even went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago to get everything checked out. Unfortunately (fortunately) I am the healthiest fat person I know. All of my numbers look great (except for the weight on the scale) and there is not much he can do for me. I am going to seek a second opinion when I have a minute. HA>yeah right, when do I have a free minute?
I am beginning to think my problems are hormonal and I might need some sort of replacement therapy. I am at a loss, a total, utter loss. It sucks.

Other than that…Scandal season finale is tonight and I am stoked. I love that show. It comes very close to Alias and the first season of Prison Break for me. I cannot miss it.

I will try and check in on the road but I am not making any promises.

20130516-161650.jpg I keep forgetting to talk about soccer…that is a post worthy topic!

I Cried on Mother’s Day

Yes, you read that right.

I became a big baby because I told my husband to skip the gifts because of a BIG VACATION we are going on in less than two months but then I was sad that he didn’t even get me a card.
So then he ran to Kroger and came back with balloons, chocolates, a gift card to my favorite store, and the most beautiful card I have ever read.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tears work. HA!

Seriously, I had a great Mother’s Day. Probably the best since I became a mother. We went to see the Cincinnati Reds. At first I didn’t love the idea, but it proved to be pretty awesome. We had great seats, the weather was cool but gorgeous, and Megan and Tyler both had out of body experiences and behaved like I have never seen them. I loved every minute of our day together.
I really do love my mother and my mother-in-law. Both of these women have touched my life in a really fantastic way. They are different from one another, but the lessons I have learned from their guidance are irreplaceable. They are awesome.

I also cried for a friend who is suffering from infertility. I want so badly for this to be her last childless Mother’s Day. I do believe in my heart that she will have a baby(ies!!!!) in her arms this time next year. I know when I was trying to have a baby how hard that day was for me. I still celebrated with my mom but secretly I could not wait for the day to be over. I thought about her and all the women in this world who do not have children by choice or not.

As always, I will leave you wil some cute pictures from yesterday.





A Letter to my Shoes

Dear Brooks,

I have been wearing your shoes for as long as I can remember. I believe my dad bought me my first pair when I was about 15 years old and subsequently every year since until he passed a couple of years ago. It took me a little while to decide to break in my new pair since I knew this would be the last pair my dad would ever buy me.

So, it hurts my heart to write that this particular pair of shoes has been the Bain of my existence since the day I put them on in January. They will not break in no matter how hard I try. I have had blister after blister after blister. I have even resorted to rotating them with an old pair to see if that makes a difference.

I love you, Brooks. I could be an ambassador for your company considering how many people I have converted to these shoes. But, I think we might need to break up for a while, or at least take a break. It hurts me to even say that.

I am giving you one more week to shape up or I will have to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. I hope we can work things out and remain in our exclusive relationship for another eighteen years. Please, oh please, don’t let me down.

Love, your sweetheart,

PS if anyone out there in Internet-land has any suggestions for breaking in these shoes I would love to hear them!


From The Land Of Happy

Ten things that have made me extremely happy in the last week (in no particular order)

1. I passed my Praxis Exam with flying colors. I was so nervous about it I almost cried when I got the results!
2. Two of my weekend days were spent with my Bestie. That has been a long time coming.
3. We hosted a neighborhood party on Saturday and it was a complete success. YAY for local friends!
4. 18 days of school left…but who is counting?
5. Megan might be one of the funniest people I know. She played in a “corn pool” at the farm the other day and spent a lot of time picking kernels out of her butt crack. I.CANNOT.STOP.LAUGHING.ABOUT.IT.
6. Have you ever seen Tyler hold a baseball bat? Pure perfection; I must take a picture soon.
7. Avocados. The end.
8. Teaching about poverty. Not that it is a happy thing, but looking into my student’s eyes and seeing that “Ah-Ha” moment is awesome. I love teaching.
9. A clean house with the windows open and fresh air breezing through.
10. Boot Camp and Muscle Max…they might just change my life.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures from Young’s Jersey Dairy. If you live in the Cincinnati/Dayton area you must go this summer…so fun!!!!!





I Love You Bootcamp

I went to Bootcamp for the first time in my life this morning. One of my goals for the year was to do some sort of group fitness and since we are now 5 months into 2013 I thought it was about time. I have heard so many great things about CrossFit and Bootcamp that I thought it was time to check it out.

I was nervous this morning. I went by myself and I was running about 2 minutes behind schedule (I hate getting gas…but that is a post all in itself) so I was rushed to get in there. But the nervousness and anxiety quickly left me because the moment I entered the studio it was time to work. For 45 solid minutes I worked my body in a way that I have never done before. I ran sprints and did squats and lunges and jumping jacks, and I finally found out what a burpee is. Man I loved every minute of it. I was dripping in sweat by the time it was over.

I was the slowest and probably one of the three most out of shape people in the room but I didn’t care. I felt great. I kept thinking this is exactly what I needed at this exact moment. For those 45 minutes we were all a team and everyone was encouraging each other to do their best. The instructor kept saying, “this is all about you…push yourself to the maximum extent and don’t worry about the person next to you.” We were in it together but at our own pace.

However…I hate how my body feels right now. I am so sore and I can barely move, but I love it at the same time. Do you. Know what I mean? It just hurts so good.

Another reason why I cannot wait for the summer. I will be doing Bootcamp three times a week and I am already pumped about it.

And, just because, here is an adorable picture of Megan…somebody is happy about eating daddy’s birthday cupcake!


Life is Good

As most of you know I am a teacher. One of the most lovely thing about teaching is that you get a lot of time off. In fact, it is pretty amazing. I miss my students in the summer, but not enough to tech summer school.

I got a peek into how awesome this summer is going to be today. It took a personal day because I had a doctor’s appointment and just felt like taking the day off. Let me tell you, I loved being home. I just adore not having a scheduled dictated and the ability to just do what I need to do and fill the day with whatever we want to do.

We spent a lot of time playing, running, jumping, cleaning, rearranging, spinning, puzzling, and just enjoying life. I feel so great right now…I have tons of energy and I cannot stop smiling.

Yes, friends, this summer is going to be epic. I can almost taste it.

I also did some major moving around the house. All today’s made their way to the basement and I officially have my family room back. The mantel finally looks how I want it to (for today!) and the hall closet is finally, finally organized.

Next step…painting furniture…maybe.

Hope your Thursday was a great one!

20130502-213907.jpgMy mantel looks somewhat Pinterest worthy…not that I am even on Pinterest!

20130502-213923.jpgOrganized toy shelves. This piece might be painted this summer.