Life is Good

As most of you know I am a teacher. One of the most lovely thing about teaching is that you get a lot of time off. In fact, it is pretty amazing. I miss my students in the summer, but not enough to tech summer school.

I got a peek into how awesome this summer is going to be today. It took a personal day because I had a doctor’s appointment and just felt like taking the day off. Let me tell you, I loved being home. I just adore not having a scheduled dictated and the ability to just do what I need to do and fill the day with whatever we want to do.

We spent a lot of time playing, running, jumping, cleaning, rearranging, spinning, puzzling, and just enjoying life. I feel so great right now…I have tons of energy and I cannot stop smiling.

Yes, friends, this summer is going to be epic. I can almost taste it.

I also did some major moving around the house. All today’s made their way to the basement and I officially have my family room back. The mantel finally looks how I want it to (for today!) and the hall closet is finally, finally organized.

Next step…painting furniture…maybe.

Hope your Thursday was a great one!

20130502-213907.jpgMy mantel looks somewhat Pinterest worthy…not that I am even on Pinterest!

20130502-213923.jpgOrganized toy shelves. This piece might be painted this summer.


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