I Lost $20 and Other Updates

My life has been so crazy lately. I am getting ready to leave on a work trip and I keep thinking to myself, “How do working moms do this on a regular basis?????” I only leave my kids twice a year for work, once to go with the 7th grade to camp for two days and once to go to Washington DC with my 8th grade class for four days. If I had to do this more often I guess I just would, it’s all perspective, I guess.

In the process of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I lost twenty bucks. Anyone who knows me knows that I am so super cheap that this is making me CRAZY! I need to find that money. URGENTLY

Anyway, it has been a struggle trying to get everything accomplished in a matter of 24 hours. I have so many things spinning through my head, so many lists made, so many shopping trips to take…it is overwhelming. When I hope on the plane on Friday I know I am going to be exhausted, but also excited for the opportunity to get the see DC through the eyes of my students. I love this trip. I love our nation’s capital. I am ready to see it again!

On the fitness/weight loss front I cannot even begin to explain how frustrated I am. It has been five long months of dieting and exercising and I have seen very little results. I even went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago to get everything checked out. Unfortunately (fortunately) I am the healthiest fat person I know. All of my numbers look great (except for the weight on the scale) and there is not much he can do for me. I am going to seek a second opinion when I have a minute. HA>yeah right, when do I have a free minute?
I am beginning to think my problems are hormonal and I might need some sort of replacement therapy. I am at a loss, a total, utter loss. It sucks.

Other than that…Scandal season finale is tonight and I am stoked. I love that show. It comes very close to Alias and the first season of Prison Break for me. I cannot miss it.

I will try and check in on the road but I am not making any promises.

20130516-161650.jpg I keep forgetting to talk about soccer…that is a post worthy topic!


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