More Random

First off, I found my twenty bucks! It was in the raincoat that I brought to Washington DC and wouldn’t you know that’s put the jacket on and it was found. Super happy about that.

This blogging thing, I am just not sure it is for me. I just don’t feel like I have a ton to say. My life is pretty ordinary, pretty mellow. I am not high drama (in fact, I cannot stand people that are high drama), and my kids are healthy and happy and just playing in the yard. So, I guess I need to write down some topics and start from there. I feel like all I can ever say is I am busy, there is so much to do, blah blah blah. BORING.

It sort of fun, awesome news, only four more days of the school year remain…one more day for the 8th grade. I am always happy and sad this time of year. I will miss my students, but I will be so happy to not have to jump start my day every morning. There is nothing better than hanging out in PJs in the morning, in my opinion.

I am looking forward to trips to the pool daily, visiting with friends and lots of down time. I feel like we need it. Meg and Ty are so tired in the morning. I know they need about an extra hour.

I guess that it it for now. Megan and I are having a girls day while the boys go to the Reds game. So. Much. Fun.

20130525-115521.jpg. this time last year, oh how things have changed!


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