First Weekend of Summer

This weekend marked the beginning of summer for our family. To say I am thrilled that school is out and summer has begun would be an understatement. I a so happy to be virtually schedule free for the next few weeks.

We started this weekend with a visit from Uncle Denny and Grammy for Megan’s dance recital on Saturday. We were also joined by Aunt Brat,Uncle Fluffy, Cousin Max, Mamaw and Papaw. As you know, I had many issues with Megan’s dance class, so my expectations were very low. I am so pleased to say that the recital was AMAZING! Megan’s costume was darling and she was just so excited to be on stage. The dance even went off well. I was impressed. And I cried.



Shannon (Shawn’s sister) had a BBQ afterwards which was really nice. we gave Megan a cake and her dad bought her flowers. It was really sweet.

On Sunday Megan had a soccer game in the morning and the whole family came again. I have mixed feelings about soccer. Sometimes I think she really likes it and other times I feel like she doesn’t. We are going to try some new things in the fall that I am excited about.
We also went right from soccer to Columbus because Megan had a birthday party to attend. I have talked about how much I love my girlfriends before and I just think it is so awesome that our kids are friends as well.

I have really cute pictures from soccer and the birthday party, but things are not streaming right, so I will have to add them later.

More to come from our first official day off tomorrow.
Have a great night!







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