In a Word,Summer

Summer break officially started for me on Monday. The last few weeks of school were extremely busy and I had to be very mindful of my stress level. Stress equals anxiety for me and anxiety equals a downward spiral that is difficult for me to come out of. I am proud to say that this was the first year in my teaching career that I was not a bundle of nerves and it felt awesome.

I ended the year on a great note and received the most precious gifts from my Homeroom. The letters that my students wrote me were very touching. This was the first year that I had a real connection with parents and students. I am going to miss many of the kids this summer and into next year.

Yesterday I recommitted to my weight loss and fitness goals. It has been a rough start since January and I know that with a bit more commitment and focus I will still be in a position to be down a significant amount of weight by the end of the year. Losing weight has always been a battle for me and I am going to try and make it a journey instead. I have extra time this summer to work on weight training, attending classes and eating mindfully.

I have been reading the blog Prior Fat Girl and boy is it eye-opening…so many different perspectives yet a cohesive message of support and truth. Brooke Not on a Diet is also so inspirational! She has lost 177 pounds. Amazing. You know me, I love a good blog!!!

In other news, I have started eating tomatoes after about 20 years of not liking them. No, I will not be ordering a sandwich with tomatoes on it anytime soon, but I will eat cherry tomatoes on a salad or cooked with eggs or veggies. This is major progress, people. Same for watermelon. I always thought I hated it, but I do, in fact, enjoy it. Weird.

I guess that is all for now. I have missed blogging regularly. I am glad I am back.



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