Life is Good

Life is moving way too quickly. I feel like June is slipping through my fingers in the most glorious, wonderful way. Our days and nights have been packed…just the way I like it.

I have two major goals for the summer:

1. Lose weight by exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
2. HAVE FUN!!!!!

I must say, I have been killing it.

It has been so freeing not to wake up to an alarm clock. It’s funny because I still wake up at the same time as I was waking up during the school year on most days. But, the art of having a slow morning is my favorite, I would say I have perfected it! I will not say that I am lucky to be a teacher, because I have worked hard for that status. But, I am blessed that I am in love with a profession that allows me to stay home in the summer. Lovely.

My major goals for the summer are an exciting and fantastic work in progress. I do not go to bed at night if my goals have not been accomplished. I will give a full report on my exercise and lifestyle goals at some point this summer…but not just yet.

For now, we are gearing up for our first family vacation, just the four of us, since, well, ever. Oh, and it is a doosey. I will go more into detail on those plans early next week.

Excitement is in the air and I am loving life right now.




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