Target is Awesome

Who doesn’t love Target?
I think if your don’t you are kind of un-American.
Not really, but who doesn’t love that place?

Where else can you go for an hour of clean family entertainment and also pick up a gallon of milk, a hose nozzle and tampons?

Megan always asks to go to Target to look at toys and today I was in the mood. Not that we didn’t have a full day before Target, but it was the icing on the cake so to speak.


20130625-221612.jpg why, yes, I did take pictures of my kids in the Target parking lot

I spent almost two hours in exercise classes today. I am hooked on Cardio Mix which is like kick-boxing, step aerobics, and weight training all in one. Boy, am I sweaty at the end of it. I also love Power Core and Muscle Max. I get such a high in those classes. If you would have asked me in January if I would be going to aerobics class everyday at this point I would have given that a big hell-to-the-no. But I am finding that fitness classes are giving me that push I have needed to move forward in my weight loss. Since I spend zero time lifting weights on my own, it gives me a great opportunity to learn technique and get a really awesome work-out in on the daily.

I also love the companionship and the team effort that happens in class. Even though the are all working at individual fitness levels, there is something about being “in this together” that makes me want to join in, work a bit harder, and push myself to a level that makes me proud.
I was thinking today as I was doing like a million and one chest presses, “you deserve this…you owe it to yourself to push yourself harder than you think you can, your results will be a reflection of the effort you put forth at this moment.” Those words were so true, so clear. My journey is mine. I am the owner of my life…not my husband or my kids or my mom or my friends or my boss or my students…it is just me. I deserve better than I give myself on most days. I need to stop and recognize that I, too, am deserving of all the love and the graciousness and the hard work that I give everyone else.

That is deep. It feels good. I feel good.

Finally, I tried some chicken sausage per my friend Beth’s suggestion. I have to say, I loved it. I ate it with eggs this morning and pasta this evening and it was darn good. I need to find some more food variety in my life. I eat the same things over and over again until I am sick of them. I am so bored with chicken breasts. Tomorrow I am going to try a black bean burger that I picked up in the freezer section last night. I am hoping for the best. I do love a great veggie burger.

Until then, have a great night. Does anyone have a great exercise class they would like to share?


2 thoughts on “Target is Awesome

  1. Cathleen says:

    You DO deserve it, friend! I’ve been doing BodyPump, which is maybe like Muscle Max? And you’re right, it’s all about the camaraderie and pushing yourself. I took a break yesterday during shoulder raise something-or-others, and the instructor said “come on Cathleen! No breaks!” I was like, damn… and then I kept going. If i was at home or at the gym lifting, no way would inhave continued!

    • Excactly! Yesterday we were doing sprints (yuck!) and everyone was cheering for each other. If I had been dining it alone I would have stopped for sure.

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