I feel like we have been on vacation for weeks, but we were really only gone thirty six hours. Shawn suggested we take the kids camping this summer. I am not a camper. I do love to be outside and I enjoy hiking and swimming in the lake and campfires and such. However, I do not like no running water, toilets, etc. So, we had the best of both worlds when we visited Indian Lake Camp Grounds in Batesville, IN this weekend.

We rented an efficiency cabin that included two beds, two roll away cots, a galley kitchen and a bathroom…oh, and air conditioning. Camping in a tent…definitely it was not. But for me, it was roughing it in the best possible way.


They had an old school playground that Megan just went crazy over and Tyler loved running around in the buff after swimming in the lake. I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was having too much fun living in the moment. It really was such a fantastic weekend…Meg kept asking if we could come back “tomorrow.”

20130805-080907.jpgThese two. I love that picture. They were saying we’re best friends all weekend. Too cute.

Now I am sitting in kitchen with a bad cough, running nose and a fever. And I have to work today (three hour conference). So I think I am just going to chill for a few hours and re-evaluate after the conference if I should work out or just take the day off.

Last week was a fantastic week for me exercise and food-wise. And it showed on the scale. I was so proud of myself for keeping on track since feeling really down last week. I know it is a journey and I have to keep moving forward no matter what.

On a side note, I did a little back to school shopping with my mom last week. We found some really cute things and they may have been a size smaller than the clothes I was trying on in the spring. Non scale victories are sometimes better than loss of pounds!


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