7 Day Detox

I started doing the Self Magazine 7-Day Detox cleanse this yesterday morning.

I am not sponsored by Self or do I have an affiliation with Self…I have just been looking for some kind of detox/cleanse to do for a while now and this one seems doable so I thought I would give it a try. You can find the full details in the September issue of Self, but I am going to give my watered-down version today.

Sometimes all you need is to write something down to make it real and feel a certain guilt that “now I have to do it because the Internet knows” right?

This detox does involve shakes and shots of stuff but there is also a fair amount of food you can chew. It is a 7 day detox, but I am going to only do it for 5 days. I am going away for the weekend and it would be too difficult to follow away from home. There are tons of different kinds of food that I had to go out and purchase…it is good food, healthy food…so I am excited to rid myself of the crap I have been eating and experience new flavors. It also involves quite a bit of exercise which I am excited to try. I am in a very good groove with the gym, so it will be interesting to see what mixing it up does for me.

Day 1: Don’t give up before you start

When my alarm went off at 4:45 I was a little shocked. After being awake (with Ty) from 2:30-3ish I almost did not get out of bed. Alas, that would have been a terrible way to start, so I got up, got in the car and was off to the gym. I did a 30 minute interval training on the treadmill. It started with a 3 minute warm-up then running (at5.0) for one minute and “jogging” (at 3.8) for 30 seconds…at first I was impressed with myself because it really wasn’t that bad. By 10 minutes in I was sweating and panting and I thought I was going to die. I finished with 30 minutes on the Elliptical because, really, if you are going to be at the gym at 5am you might as well make it worth it.

After a quick shower and decision on my outfit for the day I made my way downstairs for breakfast. Today it was a cherry smoothie made with frozen cherries, NF plain yogurt, almond milk, vanilla, shaved almonds and cinnamon. Let me preface this with I am not a shake person. I actually have never had a smoothie for breakfast and I HATE yogurt…especially the plain variety. But I decided to just go for it. And it was good, very good. The cherries gave it a nice tart flavor and I really love the almond. Score one for the detox.

Then, I did the shot they suggested….OJ, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and ground ginger…and I almost threw up. And I got in the car and I could still taste it and I really thought I was going to hurl right there. In my garage.

As I type this and think about that shot I want to throw up again.

I don’t know what I am going to do about that. I am thinking I might skip it the rest of the week, but it is a part of the cleanse so I might try it again. I just can’t make that decision right now.

FYI…by lunchtime I was hungry. Very hungry.

I should drink more water. Immediately.

Lunch was the Hearty Veggie and Rice Bowl Salad from Starbucks. And since I am no longer a lady of leisure and I only have 20 minutes for lunch I decided to replicate this salad at home and bring it with me today. Playing along with the “I never” thoughts of this entry, I have never had or prepared kale. So, last night I had to confide in Bobby Flay and he taught me oh so much about this misunderstood vegetable.

Let me tell you, it was awesome…and filling…and I felt very healthy eating it. In fact, two women in my lunch commented on how delicious it looked. I will be keeping that recipe in my back pocket for another day. Who would have thought to put rice in with a salad? Delicious. And the kale was tasty. I mean, it wasn’t like something I have ever tasted before, but it was good.

The second work-out of the day was a series of moves that involved stretching, lifting and moving. No weights were involved this time which made it pretty easy.

I had a snack of a small apple and almond butter (LOVED IT!!!! Another first!) because my grocery store did not have cherries or raw cashews. And for dinner it was a shrimp taco with blueberry & avocado salsa (so delicious! What a strange combination!) and a cucumber salad on the side.

Overall, I felt great. I was tired at the end of the day, but not a sluggish tired; it was a great tired like I had worked hard and deserved a great night’s sleep. And I was really proud of myself for being open minded about new healthy foods, sticking to the plan, and having a great attitude about it all.

This morning I woke up feeling good. I will give more details about today tomorrow!


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