The All-Consuming Week

I feel like all I have been writing about is this 7-Day Detox.  In reality, my focus last week was solely on this process…like I could not do anything else but concentrate on the current day and prep for the next.  It was really all-consuming.  In conclusion, I would call it a very successful week.  I did lose over  10 pounds and I am thrilled about that.  But the best part about the week was how I felt about myself.  I learned so much about eating good food and how food can really sustain you (even though every day I thought it would not) and I also used the fuel for the best week of work-outs I have had in about 5 years.  I thought I would list out my likes and dislikes and then I am going to be done talking about it.

1.  Delicious food every day
2.  Smoothies…this really surprised me.  I thought that would be the worst part of the week.
3.  The work-outs were kick-ass but I felt amazing afterwards.
4.  I learned so many different techniques for cooking.  YUM!
5.  The weight loss, obviously.
6.  The predictability.  I knew what I had to do before I did it every time.
7.  No junk food/fast food gave me tons of energy.

1.  The disgusting shot.  I still feel queasy just thinking about it.
2.  The expense…eating clean really costs a fortune. 
3.  Day #5 salmon and kale preparation.  It really had a funky taste.
4.  SO TIME CONSUMING!  The prep, the dishes, the exercise, the shopping, oh my!

The likes definitely outweigh the dislikes and there are many things from the week I am going to incorporate into my rotation.  I am currently sipping on a smoothie as I write.  I might not one every morning, but I will definitely continue mixing them up.  Also, tonight I will be making the shrimp tacos for a friend who is coming over.  Those (especially the blueberry/avocado salsa) are by far my favorite with the pork tenderloin and cherry chutney coming in a close second.

I really do not have the words to express what a blessing this week was for me.  It really changed not only my eating habits but my thinking habits.  I just want to be healthy.  I want to be able to indulge but not binge.  I want to enjoy food and taste news things.  I want to work hard at the gym.  This detox really made me aware of the fact that I can do all of these things and still lose weight.


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