The Everyday Blessings

So much to say, so little time.
This week has kicked my butt.

I am currently sitting in my kitchen with cinnamon rolls in the oven and the sound of my little guy singing along to Doc McStuffins in the background. Life is good right at this moment.

This week I took my baby to Pre-School orientation. A few moments of “how did this happen?” and a couple of tears later (by me, not her) and she was sitting in her classroom doing a puzzle like it was no big deal. Megan is awesome. I got a winner.



An hour later we were off to her first tap class…this was one of those full-circle moments that I had to step back and realize this is my life. I am her mother. I am so lucky. I started dance tap class when I was four. I loved it every week. The feel of the shoes, the leotard and tights, the smell of the room…and now, as I pass the torch to my daughter, my hope and prayer is that she loves life just as much even more than I did as a child.


My little ones are growing up. I am in complete denial that one week from today my Megan will be four. I just cant conceptualize it. Sometimes it feels like time is moving so slow in the day to day and then you stop for a moment and look around and wonder why things moved so fast. I guess this is just how life is.

Since starting back to work I have really tried to be present in everything I do. My goal for the school year was to teach with passion and purpose and carry this mantra into my home as well. I am also working on being the best version of myself whether it be in work, home, or my own well-being.

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend back in Western New York. We spent so much time with people we love. My family, near and far, are such a blessing. When we travel “home” it always feels like no time has passed. And my Auntie is holding strong at 98. She is smart as a whip and watching her interact with my children is amazing. She is the last of that generation and I want to soak her up.


Finally, I feel like I owe one dedicated paragraph to this guy…

The only time he will sit still for a picture is when he is strapped into his car seat. Word.
He is a little fireball that has so much energy and passion that he is unstoppable. We say all the time, “he is lucky he is so cute” because his behavior is questionable at best…but then he stops and gives the biggest kisses and monster hugs and it is like all is right in the world. I love that little cuddle monster.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of soaking up my family. Enjoy!


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