Happy Birthday, Lady!

I love my Megan Elizabeth something fierce. She is still and will always be my most prized accomplishment. The day she was born I was born-again. She made me believe in God in such a real, present, tangible way.
I know it is so cliché to say, but it feels like yesterday I was 42 weeks pregnant, eating Chinese food and saying, “I feel different today.” I can’t believe that itty bitty 8 pound baby is now an official little lady…she is 4.


This weekend we will celebrate everything that Megan is and we hope her to be. Today is the little princess tea party that started out as a small get-together with the neighborhood girls and has turned into an extravaganza of epic proportions. Indeed, she will be celebrated. Tomorrow she will be spoiled by everyone in her world that love her and cares about her the most. I am sure it will be more special than even I can imagine.

In keeping with tradition I will leave you with 10 things that I adore about my little sweetie.
1. Her compassion…she is always asking people how they are feeling and helping people who are hurt.
2. She loves to sing and keeps a tune pretty well.
3. Her favorite thing to do is play outside with friends.
4. Peanut Butter and Jelly is her most consumed food, however she loves carrots and Mac & Cheese and Spaghetti and popsicles (the girl could live on those alone!)
5. She stills loves rubbing her blankie and will walk by it and just rub for a second…I just love that.
6. She has a beautiful head of hair and must wear a bow daily!
7. Megan’s memory is hard core…if she did something three weeks ago, three months ago, or longer she will remember.
8. She loves people and life in general, but she loves her mommy the most.
9. Talking is her favorite past-time. She is more verbal than any 4 year old I know.
10. Everything she does is with the upmost passion and dramatic flair.


Happy birthday, Megan Elizabeth…may your life be filled with more joy than you can handle!


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