My Crazy Mind

Do you know when you have so much going on and your mind just won’t stop but you are that all you want to do is sleep but your mind will not let you and you just want to cry?  That is how my week has started out.

I have a lot hanging over my head that I don’t feel the need to write about on here but maybe I will someday. 
It is causing me all sorts of stress and I cannot shake it.

 Oh, yea, we had an awesome couple of days celebrating my favorite little girl over the weekend.  An update is coming, I promise!

Last night to ease my mind a bit I made a new recipe from my favorite cook, Rachael Ray.  I must say, everything I make from her magazine turns out well.  This was a ravioli with spinach and mushroom creation.  It was delicious and definitely a 30 minute meal.  I would have taken a picture but I was a) too hungry to wait and b) to lazy to find my phone to snap one.  But, if you look in her magazine you will see the picture and it looked exactly like that.  No lie.



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