Monday, Monday

Our weekend was great. We did so many neat things and wore the kids (and ourselves) out! My mom was here on Friday night and she was able to watch the kids for a few hours so I could get out of the house. I went to a Tupperware party and then shopping for a bit. When I came home the house was cleaned, my kids were cleaned and everyone was ready for bed. Perfect, I tell you!
Saturday we went to Oktoberfest Zinzinnati! So.Much.Fun. I have never been and I don’t know why because it was incredible! The food was amazing, the entertainment was great, and Megan & Tyler had a ball. Shawn and Megan also made it on to the official website which was cool.

20130923-195606.jpg why, yes, we did indulge in a fried PB&J…and it was a delicious as you might imagine it to be.

We also had plenty of time at home which was nice because we have a million not-so-fun-but-have-to-get-done jobs to do…this included weeding (which I hate), spraying for spiders (Gross!), cleaning out a storage area in our basement (which flooded and we needed to deal with), and deep cleaning our kitchen (which was necessary). All of those jobs stink because there is no real “WOW, this looks great!” moment when you are finished. In fact, our garage is such a disaster because we have to throw away a million things and garbage day is not until Wednesday. Hopefully once that is all gone things will be looking up.

All this work did put me in “purge mode” and for that I am thankful. We have so much crap in our house. Tons of storage has made it very easy for us to save all the things for the last seven nine years. Now I am in a place where I just want to rid myself of everything!!!!!

I wish my job was just to work on our house. Then I might have a snowball chance in you know what to get everything checked off my list. Until then, I will work on things little by little.

update: when I pulled up to our house this afternoon I did notice a difference in the landscaping. I am taking this as a small victory.


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