Pinning is Where it’s At

I don’t pin. Not because I do not have the time for it (I believe you can make time for anything you really want to do) or because I don’t think it is inspiring. I have been on Pinterest many times to look around, but I have just never felt the need to sign in and start pinning. Plus also, I am about 5-10 years behind everyone when it comes to the “in” things, is it will probably take me a few years years to catch on. HA!

But, yesterday at school I did something that I think is pretty awesome and when I finished I made a mental note to myself that if I was on Pinterest I would have posted it. There are so many cool teacher ideas there, especially bulletin board ideas. I have a secret…I really became a teacher because I love decorating my classroom. That might not totally be true, but maybe a little.
I won’t keep you waiting any longer…

It might not be the best picture I have ever taken, but it is definitely the best bulletin board I have ever created. I am in love with my own work and I might never take it down.

This weekend we are heading to the pumpkin patch. I love this time of year. I know it is totally cliche because every blogger loves fall, but I really do. I specifically wanted to be married in October because I think fall is the most beautiful season. I wish I could bottle it up all year.

Any plans for you? Did you do anything at work this week that made you especially proud?


2 thoughts on “Pinning is Where it’s At

  1. Susan says:

    I love your board you did a great job!!! I love fall,pumpkins, and Halloween parties.

    I have had a tough week. It was a week of a lot of unknowns. A lot of people lost their jobs but my teams and I are safe for now. I count my blessings everyday.

    I’m glad you guys are doing good you Megan is good. Miss you!!!

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