Back to Reality

Holy sleep, Batman!
Tyler slept for a whopping 14 hours last night. Poor little guy, the Holiday must have really taken it out of him.
He woke up this morning smiling and happy, so I guess it was necessary.

Thanksgiving weekend was an awesome display of just the right amount of doing and resting. I decided this year to avoid any Black Friday madness, opting instead to hang and play with the kiddos. It was glorious. We went outside and played (freak act of nature and it was 55 degrees yesterday), watched several Christmas movies (The Elf of the Shelf and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer were tops!), and just enjoyed being together. Shawn decorated the house for Christmas while we were gone on Wednesday, so he relieved a lot of stress there.

My girlfriends met for dinner on Wednesday night and it was lovely. I just find being in their company to be so wonderful. I wish we could do it more. Some of my girls and I have been friends for 33 years! That is amazing to me. Many have been with me for 20. I love that…wherever life takes us we are always together (at least in spirit!).

Chippy the Elf made his appearance this weekend. I will hopefully remember to take pictures and post pictures of his antics. I love this tradition and the kids do too! So far he has been stuck in our Christmas wreath and in a hot tub of marshmallows with Rapunzel Barbie (the Chippy is a little frisky!).

Coming back to work after the extended weekend was not so bad after all. I have a lot planned for my students in this short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Eek…already looking forward to that LONG two weeks off!!!!!

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