To Swim or Not to Swim


I used to be a competitive swimmer…like, a million years ago.

I love the pool and I loved being a part of a team that counted on me but I could also be an individual.  I can imagine cross-country and track athletes feel the same way.  And, I was good at it.  I was state ranked and, believe it or not, some records I set in the late ‘80’s still stand today.

The thing is, I have not swam laps in a long time.  The indoor pool is not that convenient to my house, in the summer I am swimming with the kids and not putting my time in the lengths, and I hate all the mumbo-jumbo that goes along with swimming.


What do I mean by mumbo-jumbo?  Glad you asked!

I hate packing a bag for swimming; suit, goggle, caps, towel, flip flops, shampoo and conditioner, clean undies, etc.  I dislike having to add shower time, drying time, and changing time to my work-out, and I especially don’t like leaving my kids in the child care at the Y with the indoor pool (there is nothing particularly wrong with the child care, it is just different from what they are used to makes me nervous).

 Yesterday, though, I sucked it up, put on my big panties, and decided not to let the excuses pile up.  I diligently thought about and packed everything I would need to make a swim possible.  I talked up to the kids how much fun the new gym would be (spoil alert, they LOVED it!).  I talked myself into this new adventure.

 And you know what?  I loved it.  I loved how I felt in the water.  I loved how my body moved in the waves.  I felt amazing during my work-out and even better afterwards.  You know that burn you feel sometimes when you have an awesome work-out?  I had it.  Aside from one major technical difficulty (I need new goggles), it was basically a perfect work-out; one I plan on doing every week.  I felt refreshed and really proud of myself for my accomplishments.

 I have to admit, come holiday time I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to exercise.  I try not to be, but it just seems to happen.  I also get bored with the same old work-out, and I am tired!  This year, though, I am trying to be more present in everything I do.  Maybe I cannot commit to five days a week, but I think three days is reasonable and doable.  I am still actively trying to be healthy and I know what I need to do.  Exercise is the number one priority for my health. 

So, yes, I am a swimmer…glad you asked!



Have any of you tried a new sport or work-out lately? 




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