Pregnancy Week 14

Like I said in my last post, I never did pregnancy updates with my two other babies, but I thought it would be sort of fun this time around. Please don’t count on me being on time every Friday of every week…but I will try my best. I was 15 week yesterday, so I will be updating you on week #14.

My first belly picture (OMG I will work on my face for next week…blame my illness):

Pregnancy: 14 weeks

Sleep: Since being sick, it has been horrible.

Gender: This time around, we are TEAM GREEN. This deserves a post in itself.

Name: Nothing I am willing to share at this point.

Feeling: Since coming down with the plague (strep, sinus, and ear) I have been feeling pretty crappy, but the nausea seems to be more manageable…or maybe I am just not noticing it.

Health: See above (pretty crappy)

Movement: Nothing yet although I could have sworn I felt a flutter yesterday.

Belly: I feel like I look smaller now than pre-pregnancy. This will change quickly though.

Next Appointment: Wednesday, January 15. Can’t wait. I want to make sure everything is okay since the illness and subsequent antibiotics.


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