2013 Resolution Recap

I have to say, when it comes to making New Years resolutions I have not had a great track record. I think it was 2005 that I resolved to lose weight and I actually did it (70 pound, hey ya!). Really, though, my results have been dismal. So last year at this time I aimed to make one resolution and make it count. I wanted it to be something that was attainable but also a bit challenging. So, I set out to do one thing really well.

Accessorize more.

And I nailed it.

I spent last year adding purses, necklaces, bracelets and scarfs to my everyday attire. I made it a point to create “outfits” rather than just plain clothes. And I felt great about it.

And people noticed.

Colleagues started commenting on my new look. Parents off students started asking me where I shopped and would comment about how put together I was. I really started to reap the benefits of the effort that I was putting in.

I am happy with my decision on resolutions for 2013. I will continue with it this year and the years to come. I have not decided on a resolution this year (I usually wait until the Monday after New Years Day to commit) but I am gang to think abut it throughout this weekend.

It is going to be tough to top 2013, though.


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