Pregnancy Week 15


It has been a pretty good week, pregnancy-wise. Nothing too atypical to report. Last night I went to bed at 7:30 with the kids. No big deal…i deserve it, right?
I did head back to the gym after a LONG hiatus (like 6 weeks off) and I felt great about that. I am not making any fitness goals per say, but I would like to stay active and try and make it to the gym at least 2-3 days a week. Shawn is also starting a fitness regimen and a new routine at work, so we might be able to be fitness buddies!
I must say, I have been really worried about the baby since my illness and subsequent antibiotics last week. I was assured that it was the safest route for me to go, but it has been on my mind. I am looking forward to my appointment next week and hearing the heartbeat and making sure everything is okay with this little one.
Also, I have not been as tired with this pregnancy as I was in the past. Especially when I was pregnant with Tyler I was exhausted ALL.THE.TIME. Maybe my body is just used to being pregnant or something. Or maybe I am taking things a little more easy than I have in the past.

Pregnancy: 15 weeks

Sleep: Much better this week. A couple of nights I even dodged the 2am potty break.

Gender: Team Green and super excited about it!

Name: They change daily.

Feeling: Morning sickness (all day sickness) seems to be back in full-force this week. I had one really bad episode on Wednesday but I think I have decided to give up salads all together…they do nothing for me except make me feel pukey!

Health: I am still bothered by a slightly sore throat and plugged ears. Nothing I can’t tolerate, but I would love to feel better in the very near future.

Movement: Nothing. But I did ready in my pregnancy journal from Megan that I did not feel movement until 26 weeks, so I still might have a long time to wait.

Belly: No changes this week.

Next Appointment: Wednesday, January 15. I believe this is when I will schedule the anatomy scan as well.