On Over Committing

I have always been a “yes” person. I can remember as far back as grade school that I was always the one to say “yes” to everything. Need a baked good, my mom can do it…need an extra person in the children’s choir, I am there…Service club, okay, youth group, great…I think I will try track or the musical or basketball…soccer might be fun…I love dance, I love piano, I love tennis. The list could good on and on.

As an adult, I seem to have fallen into the same pattern. I am asked to do a lot and I do it. I love being busy, I thrive on being part of a team, and, let’s face it, I like to be recognized as a person that others can count on.

When it comes to my kids, I want them to be involved in activities and fun stuff, but I also want to manage their time and my time. Right now, Megan is involved in two extra-curricular; tennis and dance. They are very manageable because they are one day a week and are convenient to our home. She loves them and I think she is learning coordination, working with a team, and listening skills. Tyler is too young to be involved right now, but he is my sidekick in the waiting room.

I fear that over commitment is going to take over my family this spring…

Shawn signed Megan up for soccer and Tyler up for baseball. The baseball I am not so concerned about since it is only going to be on Saturday for an hour. The soccer I think is going to be twice a week. This would be fine except for the fact that Megan is already committed to tennis and tap through the spring. So, if you are counting, that means Meg will be committed to four days a week and Tyler one day a week. FIVE DAYS A WEEK, PEOPLE!!!!

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but the majority of the week I am on my own! Shawn works a twelve hour shift starting at 5pm so all evening activities fall on me. I AM ALREADY STARTING TO FREAK OUT. Not to mention that I will be in my third trimester at this point.

I want my kids to be involved and a part of a team. I would like them to be social and have people skills. I do not want to be pulling my hair out in order to accomplish these things. I can see this is the start of a very elaborate calendar that my family is going to have to keep. I know that it will only get more difficult from here.


Veteran parents…how do you manage the “over commitment” trap?