Thoughts on a Thursday

Thoughts on a Thursday…Let’s be honest, I LOVE LISTS, so it will always be in list form

1.I have to get working on Tyler’s baby book. I feel like a horrible mother for not having it completed. Megan’s is so adorable, but I have just had such a hard time getting Tyler’s started. I think it has a lot to do with his birth being so close to my dad’s death. Ugh. I need to finish start it.
2.Megan has two birthday parties this weekend. Miss Popularity, I tell you. I am excited about it.
3.We (Shawn) mounted our TV above the fireplace. It has totally changed the look of our room. It was phase #1 of a pretty big room make-over that will be happening over the next few months. I am bursting with happiness about it!
4.I love purging things. Throwing things away/giving extras to charity is one of my favorite past times.
5.Purging can bite you in the ass when you have a surprise pregnancy #3.
6.Being a teacher is the greatest job I could ever ask for. I feel so privileged to be have my job.
7.Continuing education to keep up my teaching license is the worst part of my job (oh, and IEP meetings).
8.My favorite week of the year is next week. CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK. I am in charge of the committee this year and it has been awesome to plan fun stuff.
9.Girls night tomorrow night. Enough said.
10.I am ready for Spring (along with the rest of the country, I am sure)