Checking In

Today schools were closed because of the cold temperatures. I love being home with my kids, but I am over it. I have so much to do at school that each passing day that we do not go in I run further and further behind, I have deadlines that need to be met, and I am starting to feel like a big fat failure. This is part of my anxiety issues that I just have to work through, but, geesh, can we get a break here?

In other pressing news, I probably would not have gone into work anyway today because Tyler is now sick. I had him into the doctor this evening and he has double ear infections and an upper respiratory infection. The child is a mess and all he wants me to do is hold him. So, I held him for about 8 hours today. Currently, he is sleeping. Thank goodness. The poor kid is a mess.


That is really all for today. I would like to be able to get to the gym this week, but with a sick baby and Shawn working the opposite schedule, that is not likely. Life, I tell ya.

Have a good evening. Hopefully, I will be more positive the next time I write.