Pregnancy Week 19


I just turned 20 weeks (have way there! Eek!) so it is time to talk about week #19.
I hate to sound like a broken record, but this week has been miserable. My cough is back in full force and the sneezing does.not.stop. It is more annoying than anything. I took a ½ day yesterday because I was very feverish and just needed to rest. I tell you, it has been horrible. I can only hope that this is the beginning of the end and I will be feeling so much better next week. The power of positive thinking.

And the kids, the poor kids. Let’s just stick with the facts…# of times people have thrown up this week = 5. # of beds I have changed over the course of three days = 4. Highest fever = 103. Not good. Not good at all. The only day everyone (including me and Shawn) was collectively healthy was on Tyler’s birthday. Thank goodness.

The real question is, when it this pregnancy going to feel real? Shawn and I talk all the time about how this baby will probably not feel real until I push him/her out in June. It is so strange. I love this baby and know this is happening…but I am just so busy it is hard to take time and really enjoy being pregnant.

Pregnancy: Week 19

Sleep: Okay…if I could just get rid of this congestion/cough it would be so much better

Gender: Team Green

Name: We go back and forth. I tell you, it is harder to commit when you are not finding out the gender

Feeling: Pregnancy wise, I feel pretty good. I seem to have a lot of energy and the morning sickness has been so much better. My general health has been horrible this winter. I have fought the flu/cold/strep/ear infections for the whole month of January and now moving into February. I would just love to be able to breathe normally at some point.

Health: See above. No bueno

Movement: YES! The flutter started on Monday evening (February 3). They have been inconsistent, but amazing.

Belly: It is out there…and I love it.

Next Appointment: The BIG ultrasound/anatomy scan is scheduled for February 13. I am taking the day off! If we can get through it without finding out the gender it will be a miracle.


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