Thoughts on a Thursday

After my downer post earlier in the week I think I will focus on some positive happenings from the past week or so. So, here are ten things that have made me happy in words and pictures:

1. Tyler got a haircut. I have been begging Shawn to take him and he finally did yesterday. He looks adorable and like my little baby again.

2. Megan riding her scooter. I have outdoor kids. They love to be active and moving. With the bad weather I decided to throw caution to the wind and let Megan ride her scooter in the kitchen (we are getting new floors in the next few months anyway). The girl FLYS!!! It is amazing how coordinated she is.

3. My littles sleeping together. I hate when they crawl into my bed and cramp my style, but I love coming out of the bathroom and seeing this.

4. Kids in the snow. The winter has lasted an eternity, but, luckily, Megan and Tyler LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow.

5. Melt. If you live in Columbus or Cleveland or it is a one tank trip, stop whatever you are doing and go there. Seriously. Like, right now.


6. New sweatsuit. Megan thought she was so cute that day. I have to agree.

7. Tyler selfies. He loves the iPhone.

8. My hair in a bun. So easy and I got a million compliments on it.

9. The cutest Valentine ever. EVER.

10. Tyler on a scooter with his backpack on in his too-tight PJ’s. This picture says it all. AWESOME!



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