Pregnancy Week 23

I am trying to wear the same outfit as many times as possible…not really, I just don’t have very many winter maternity items and I refuse to buy any more. I am looking forward to spring!

It has been another whirlwind week. I can’t believe it is already the second week of March. Crazy. This week I started organizing (a little) of what we need and want for the new baby. I have some things, but many big items I sold at a garage sale last summer and now need to replace.
I also feel like my nesting instinct is coming in full force. This has made for some crazy mood swings this week. I just want everything clean and organized. Is that so wrong?

Pregnancy: Week 23

Sleep: It has been alright. Not the best of weeks.

Gender: Team Green

Name: they are solid at this point

Feeling: a little…frazzled. I want to enjoy this pregnancy and I am enjoying most moments, but sometimes I feel crazy stress. Ugh!

Health: Actually, really good. I have been focusing on my health and the baby’s this week. Got to the gym 5 times. I will be dedicating a while post to this amazing fact this week.

Movement: Baby is crazy. It is amazing each and every time.

Belly: Considering someone in my building just realized I was pregnant this week and only because one of my student told her, I would say it is not on the big side. However, I feel like it is big.

Next Appointment: March 12th…holding for a freebie ultrasound for this old lady!


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