Thoughts on a Thursday

1. I did so well with Ironman March last week and this week I have tanked. This week has been so super busy and has taken a toll on my work-outs. I hate that and am committing to program today and tomorrow so I can end the week with a bang.
2. I am tired of the cold weather (like everyone else) but I am more annoyed by the fact that it was 70 degrees on Tuesday and now it is 14. Mother Nature, what is going on?
3. People who do not pull their own weight, whether it be friends, co-workers, family members…whomever are the most aggravating type of people in my opinion.
4. My mood is directly affected by my attitude. If I try to be positive, life is so much easier/better.
5. I waited approximately 1.5 hours for my 5 minute doctor appointment yesterday. I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed the quiet.
6. Age three might kill me…where did my sweet, sensitive, little guy go?

7. The 8th grade had a pot-luck Confirmation celebration today in my classroom. So.Much.Food.


8. My husband bought me this cool little towel to use for my hair after a shower the other week. What a thoughtful gift! I really love it.

9. I am a sponsor for Confirmation this weekend. This is the first time one of my students has asked me and I am so honored. I am thrilled for her and her faith journey. It has been amazing to see her grow to love and serve God as her teacher and now her sponsor. I have been moved to tears a few times just thinking about it.
10. I ordered a necklace from and their customer service has been horrible. NEVER AGAIN! It is a shame because they have really cool stuff and advertise all over the blogs I read but their policies are awful.


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