Pregnancy Week 24

I just turned 25 weeks, so it is time to tell you about week 24.
This week has been all about the dreaded HEARTBURN! My goodness, I never had this issue with either of my first two pregnancies, but I am making up for lost time. I feel like I have a chicken bone stuck in my chest at all times. It is the craziest feeling and makes it difficult to eat anything with comfort. It is maddening because I am so hungry all the time!
I also realized today that not a day has gone by this pregnancy that I have not vomited. I know this is TMI, but it is horrible. What does that mean when you puke all the time? I am hoping it means we will have a very calm outside baby! I know, I know, wishful thinking!

Pregnancy: Week 24

Sleep: I have been up every night this week between 3:30 and 4:30. It is miserable.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Both names begin with the letter “R” and that is all I am saying for a while.

Feeling: A strong urge to nest but I have zero energy for it. We are going to start clearing out the baby room very soon.

Health: Still feeling very healthy. Although I did not get in as many work-outs this week as I would like to, what I did at the gym was great for my physical and mental health.
Movement: All the time at any time of the day. Baby kicked Megan in the face the other day and she thought it was awesome!

Belly: I finally feel like I “popped” this week.

Next Appointment: April 10th for the gestational diabetes screening and whooping cough vaccine