Ironman March Week #2

Well, it was sort of expected by my post earlier in the week.
I completely tanked with Ironman March Week #2. I have been so busy with work and other stuff that my work-outs really fell out. And I feel bad about it. Like, really bad.

I only made it to the gym twice in the last seven days. And that was a stretch. When I went on Thursday I was feeling awful and it showed in my slow and barely there walk and bike.

This week I am vowing to make it a good one. I am heading to the gym after work today, will get in a great swim Wednesday night before Megan’s tap class, and I am committing to Thursday and Friday as well. I know I can do it.

Day #1: 2 Mile (walk/jog) 7 mile (bike)
Day #2: 3 Mile (walk) 4 Mile (bike)
TOTAL: 5 miles (walk/jog) 11 miles (bike) 0 swim

And, just for fun, here is my view from above…