Pregnancy Week 25

20140320-203257.jpgYes, I wore a dress…I am, indeed, fancy!

I am into the single digits. As of today I have 98 days left in this pregnancy give or take.
First trimester went by so slow and now it seems like I cannot slow things down enough. My days are flying by; this is expected because as a teacher the Spring always is quick.
I feel like we have nothing ready to go and nothing planned. It is weird. With both Megan and Tyler I felt this huge time crunch, but this time I am not worried about things. As long as the crib is up, the car seat is installed and I have a bouncer by the time the first contraction hits, we will be a-okay.
I could write so many posts about the difference in preparing for baby #1, #2, and now #3. But, the fact of the matter is, no matter what # you are on, the baby will come and as long as you have lots of love in your heart everything will be fine.

Things I am looking forward to in the next couple of weeks:
1. My birthday is next Wednesday. I love birthdays no matter how old I get!
2. A weekend with most of my BFF’s…lunch, manicure and pedicure, hotel check-in, eating, hanging out, getting a full night’s rest~ yes, please!
3. Our school musical is in two weeks. I am ready to not have to practice (I teach the tap dance numbers). It is getting tiring and stressful and I will be glad to have it off my plate.
4. Spring Break in three weeks. If only I was going someplace fun!
5. My class at XU ends on May 6th. I know it is more than a month away, but I have finished all but one assignment, so I am ready to check it off the list.
6. SPRING WEATHER…God help us! We need some blooming flowers and walks in the park!

Now on to the good stuff:
Pregnancy: Week 25

Sleep: I will never sleep again…except for the night of April 5th.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Both names begin with the letter “R” but I am still toying with a few different girl names.

Feeling: I have been feeling much more positive this week than I have in a long time. I am taking each day as it comes and counting my blessings.

Health: Felling really good. I can tell my hips are starting to spread, but other than that all if well.

Movement: This little one is a kicker.

Belly: A couple of strangers have noticed. I’ll take it!

Next Appointment: April 10th for the gestational diabetes screening and whooping cough vaccine