Ironman March Week #3

Well, this was a really good week for me.  I am so glad I got back on track after my disastrous week last week.  I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I know I will be finishing my walk/jogging miles this week (in fact, I only have one mile left!) and I think I am going to try and finish up the swim this week as well, which just leaves me with a ton of biking miles to do in the next week and a half. 

I have really begun to loathe the bike.  I don’t know if it is because I have done all my bike miles inside, or maybe the bike isn’t adjusted to my needs, or maybe it is the added pressure “down there” with pregnancy…but the bike has definitely been the toughest for me to get into.  By about 7 miles I am wrecked.  The other day I pushed to 15 miles and thought I was going to die…not from fatigue, but from boredom and sitting too long.    I don’t understand it, really, I can walk/jog on that treadmill all day long and never bore.  I am watching the same show (House of Cards) while doing both activities, but I just hate the bike.  Hate it.


So, here are the deets:

Day #1                  6 miles (bike) 3 miles (jog/walk)
Day #2                  1250 yards (swim)
Day #3                  7 miles (bike) 3 miles (jog/walk)
Day #4                  7 miles (bike) 1 mile (jog/walk)


I stole this from Beth’s Blog.  She is funny.  You should read it!

On a side note, is anyone watching The Good Wife?  OMGee…shock the heck out of me!!!!  That show gets better and better.  It might be my favorite right now!!!!!

Finally, Shawn may have found the perfect solution to potty training Tyler…Batman training pants…I need to take pictures ASAP.  Genius!  Hopefully this will be the push he needs to get on that potty.  God help me!


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