Happy Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. It has been a great day. It started out with coffee and Munchkins and proceeded to be followed by cake, cake, and more cake!

My husband was really good to me and the kids sang me “Happy Birthday” on the way to work. Pretty much every class I saw today said nice things and sang to me. Many of my kids in my Homeroom wrote me personal letters and cards that touched me more than they will ever know.

I love celebrating birthdays, no matter how old I get and no matter wise birthday it is. I think people need to be celebrated just because they were called by name an placed on this Earth.

Life is good. Very good. I feel blessed today more than ever.

And, guess how I celebrated personally…

With 1700 yards in the pool! I ended the swim portion of Ironman March with a bang and a small celebration of ME in the pool. I am declaring this year my “Year of Fitness.” I have some goals that I arm not ready to share right at this moment, but just note that by the time my birthday rolls around next year I am looking to be better.

We will finish today much like any other Wednesday, with tap class and a quick trip through Wendy’s drive thru.

It has been a great day to celebrate and I am ready to move forward!