Pregnancy Week 26

20140329-205150.jpg Yes, a dress two weeks in a row. I know.

This has been a crazy week and I have had very little sleep. But. I am feeling good. Shawn and I even came up with a plan for the nursery. So fun.
Can we talk about the fact that I am officially in the third trimester? In three short months I will be holding this bundle of joy in my arms. Today was the first day a stranger made a comment about my pregnancy. I take that as a good sign. My belly is starting to get out of control. I am embracing it!

Pregnancy: Week 26

Sleep: Just terrible

Gender: Team Green

Name: Both names begin with the letter “R” but I am still toying with a few different girl names.

Feeling: Like this pregnancy is flying by. I want to really enjoy the next three months,

Health: I believe regular exercise has kept me feeling great this pregnancy

Movement: This little one is a kicker.

Belly: The sales lady at Target definitely noticed with confidence. My belly is getting huge!

Next Appointment: April 10th for the gestational diabetes screening and whooping cough vaccine


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