Ironman March Week #2

Well, it was sort of expected by my post earlier in the week.
I completely tanked with Ironman March Week #2. I have been so busy with work and other stuff that my work-outs really fell out. And I feel bad about it. Like, really bad.

I only made it to the gym twice in the last seven days. And that was a stretch. When I went on Thursday I was feeling awful and it showed in my slow and barely there walk and bike.

This week I am vowing to make it a good one. I am heading to the gym after work today, will get in a great swim Wednesday night before Megan’s tap class, and I am committing to Thursday and Friday as well. I know I can do it.

Day #1: 2 Mile (walk/jog) 7 mile (bike)
Day #2: 3 Mile (walk) 4 Mile (bike)
TOTAL: 5 miles (walk/jog) 11 miles (bike) 0 swim

And, just for fun, here is my view from above…



Pregnancy Week 24

I just turned 25 weeks, so it is time to tell you about week 24.
This week has been all about the dreaded HEARTBURN! My goodness, I never had this issue with either of my first two pregnancies, but I am making up for lost time. I feel like I have a chicken bone stuck in my chest at all times. It is the craziest feeling and makes it difficult to eat anything with comfort. It is maddening because I am so hungry all the time!
I also realized today that not a day has gone by this pregnancy that I have not vomited. I know this is TMI, but it is horrible. What does that mean when you puke all the time? I am hoping it means we will have a very calm outside baby! I know, I know, wishful thinking!

Pregnancy: Week 24

Sleep: I have been up every night this week between 3:30 and 4:30. It is miserable.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Both names begin with the letter “R” and that is all I am saying for a while.

Feeling: A strong urge to nest but I have zero energy for it. We are going to start clearing out the baby room very soon.

Health: Still feeling very healthy. Although I did not get in as many work-outs this week as I would like to, what I did at the gym was great for my physical and mental health.
Movement: All the time at any time of the day. Baby kicked Megan in the face the other day and she thought it was awesome!

Belly: I finally feel like I “popped” this week.

Next Appointment: April 10th for the gestational diabetes screening and whooping cough vaccine

Thoughts on a Thursday

1. I did so well with Ironman March last week and this week I have tanked. This week has been so super busy and has taken a toll on my work-outs. I hate that and am committing to program today and tomorrow so I can end the week with a bang.
2. I am tired of the cold weather (like everyone else) but I am more annoyed by the fact that it was 70 degrees on Tuesday and now it is 14. Mother Nature, what is going on?
3. People who do not pull their own weight, whether it be friends, co-workers, family members…whomever are the most aggravating type of people in my opinion.
4. My mood is directly affected by my attitude. If I try to be positive, life is so much easier/better.
5. I waited approximately 1.5 hours for my 5 minute doctor appointment yesterday. I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed the quiet.
6. Age three might kill me…where did my sweet, sensitive, little guy go?

7. The 8th grade had a pot-luck Confirmation celebration today in my classroom. So.Much.Food.


8. My husband bought me this cool little towel to use for my hair after a shower the other week. What a thoughtful gift! I really love it.

9. I am a sponsor for Confirmation this weekend. This is the first time one of my students has asked me and I am so honored. I am thrilled for her and her faith journey. It has been amazing to see her grow to love and serve God as her teacher and now her sponsor. I have been moved to tears a few times just thinking about it.
10. I ordered a necklace from and their customer service has been horrible. NEVER AGAIN! It is a shame because they have really cool stuff and advertise all over the blogs I read but their policies are awful.

Ironman March Week #1

My first week of the Ironman March challenge went swimmingly well (pun intended!). It was such a refreshing way to look at my work-outs for the week. I am normally pretty boring when it comes to exercise. I get on the treadmill, watch my newest show on Netflix (“House of Cards” at this moment) rinse and repeat. When school is out I like to do classes like Muscle Max and Cardio Fitness but when school is in session it is difficult for me to make it to those.

This challenge was actually a challenge for me. Fitness-wise, I know I can swim and ride a bike, but it definitely took me out of my comfort zone to do those work-outs. The swim was especially difficult for me to fit into my schedule (the gym with the indoor pool is about 20 minutes from home, the quick gym is about 2 minutes) but I did it and once I was in the water it felt great. I was a competitive swimmer growing up so it was cool to get back into the water for fitness. I only needed to swim 952 yards to keep up with the week but I went ahead and swam 1250 and probably could have gone longer if I didn’t know in the back of my head that the kids were in childcare and wanted to swim as well. My arms were killing me that night…in a good way.

The bike was not fun. I must admit. It was uncomfortable and boring and I really hated every minute of it. And, of course, I have to do a ton more biking this month. Maybe if I was outside in nice weather and a regular bike it would be better. I might try that before the month is over.

So, here are the details:

Saturday: 11 miles (bike), 2.2 miles (walk/jog)
Sunday: off
Monday: 2 miles (bike), 3 miles (walk/jog)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 3 miles (walk/jog)
Thursday: 12.3 miles (bike), 1 mile (walk/jog)
Friday: 1250 yard (swim)

Not bad. Not bad at all. I am proud of myself.

Monday’s Thoughts

Is it me, or do most bloggers not go to church? I read a couple of blogs where faith is a main part of their daily writing, but other than that it seems like most people either leave religion out of their blog or clearly state they are not religious. I am a “cradle Catholic” and I have never strayed from my religion or my beliefs. I have never had to make a choice like that and I am hoping to raise my children in the same way. I love being Catholic, I love my Lord, and I love going to church on Sunday (even if my kids are hellions the moment we walk through the door!).

This week our pastor was speaking about the “desert times” in our lives. How sometimes even in the lowest and hardest and deepest of depressing times we still must have faith to forge ahead. Just as Jesus was tempted in the desert after 40 days so too must we remain steadfast and strong during our “desert” times.
Boy, I needed to hear this. As you know, I have been struggling. I have been mad at the world for no good reason other than just feeling tired and over-worked and overwhelmed in general.

I have not been nice to my husband. I have been short with my kids. I have been asking tough questions that I would never want to repeat outside of my head.

I just can’t shake it. I feel so trapped and tested all the time. I have been praying so hard for an answer. I don’t want to make blanket statements like “the devil made me do it.” But, honestly, I have no idea what is happening. So, I will keep praying. I will keep forging along in the desert hoping for relief at some point.

I should be happy.
I have a wonderful life. I am in a good marriage. I love my kids. I love my friends. My family is super-supportive. I love my job. I exercise regularly. I am blessed with a third baby in my belly.

But I am not happy. I am sad 90% of the time.

And talking about being sad only makes me feel more sad. Ugh.

I am going to the doctor this week and I plan on having a long conversation with him about these feelings. Maybe I have during-pregnancy depression. Is that real? Like PPD?

WOW…this post was supposed to be about my Ironman March experience so far. I was majorly sidetracked. I guess I will be back tomorrow with more on that.

20140310-185011.jpgMegan looking cute…I need something full of sunshine in this post. Geesh.

Pregnancy Week 23

I am trying to wear the same outfit as many times as possible…not really, I just don’t have very many winter maternity items and I refuse to buy any more. I am looking forward to spring!

It has been another whirlwind week. I can’t believe it is already the second week of March. Crazy. This week I started organizing (a little) of what we need and want for the new baby. I have some things, but many big items I sold at a garage sale last summer and now need to replace.
I also feel like my nesting instinct is coming in full force. This has made for some crazy mood swings this week. I just want everything clean and organized. Is that so wrong?

Pregnancy: Week 23

Sleep: It has been alright. Not the best of weeks.

Gender: Team Green

Name: they are solid at this point

Feeling: a little…frazzled. I want to enjoy this pregnancy and I am enjoying most moments, but sometimes I feel crazy stress. Ugh!

Health: Actually, really good. I have been focusing on my health and the baby’s this week. Got to the gym 5 times. I will be dedicating a while post to this amazing fact this week.

Movement: Baby is crazy. It is amazing each and every time.

Belly: Considering someone in my building just realized I was pregnant this week and only because one of my student told her, I would say it is not on the big side. However, I feel like it is big.

Next Appointment: March 12th…holding for a freebie ultrasound for this old lady!

Thoughts on a Thursday

Today would have been my Grandma’s 103 birthday. She was born in 1911 and made such an impact on my life. I cannot walk by a deck of cards without thinking about her. She lost her husband young (just like my mom) and somehow found a way to live and love life with such a zest that people were drawn to her. I only wish she had lived to see my get married…she would have loved Shawn.

I made a decision a couple of weeks ago to join Caitlyn over at in her “Ironman March” challenge. Her blog might be one of my favorites out there. She seems real and down to earth. I like real.

Anyway, she had the same challenge last year but I did not participate. Basically, you take the whole month of March to complete what triathletes do in a day. At the end of the month you should complete 26.2 miles of running, 112 miles on the bike, and 2.4 miles of swimming.

Now I am not a runner, so I will be completing the 26.2 miles at a fast walk/jogging pace, but other than that I am setting myself up to complete it…and I will be six months pregnant at the conclusion. I really wanted to do something that would push me (safely) to keep myself fit and in shape. I feel so much better and healthier when I am working out, but sometimes I fall into a rut and get so bored. This will keep me on my toes and it is very manageable. Really, it is about 6 miles of running a week, 25 miles of biking, and about 42 laps (in a 25 yard pool) weekly. Not too bad. The swimming is going to be the hardest because it is not very convenient, but I am going to work it in…or have a lot of swimming to do at the end of the month.

Something you might not know…an old friend of mine, Meredith Brooke Keeran Kessler just won her third (THIRD!) Ironman New Zealand last week! Crazy. She is a major inspiration to me. When she was in her early twenties I just knew she would be a professional athlete someday. I am so proud to know her and have known her growing up! She is not just an amazing athlete, but one of the most generous, loving, awesome people I have ever known.

Oh, and just for fun…we had another snow day this week. This can only mean one thing…more cute pictures of my kids in the snow.